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Types of Beds and which Type You Need

The picture of your favorite bed is always associated with images of relaxed sleep and relaxation! However, the quality of ...
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types of chair

Types of Chairs and their Uses

There is a chair to suit almost every need. You have the office chair, the conference chair, the quintessential arm ...
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living room

Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Designing small spaces can prove to be challenging. Especially, if it happens to be the living room where you are ...
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furniture rental

Debunking the Myths about Furniture Rental

Furniture rental has changed the way Generation Y or millennials are leading their lives today. In metropolitan places, change ...
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small room

Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

The cantaloupe rule is an interesting rule which states that the smallest decoration in a room should not be smaller ...
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custom furniture

Myths about Customized Furniture

It is one thing to pick up a standard variant of a product off the shelf from a showroom and ...
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newly wed

What Newly Wed Couples should know while setting up their First Home?

Newly married couples are subjected to a myriad of emotions all at once. There is excitement and exhilaration coupled with ...
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How to Choose Furniture for Kids’ Room

Choosing furniture for your kid’s room can be hard, primarily because their choices seldom match with yours. Buying pieces keeping ...
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How to Choose Furniture Color

Color plays a significant role in your furniture choices. Bigger pieces like sofas and beds wouldn’t be changed for a ...
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